IP Transit with anti-DDoS protection

IP Transit with
anti-DDoS protection

IP Transit service accessible through the France-IX platform

Benefit from a highly resilient IP Transit service from your France-IX connection port(s)!

  • Based on a Tier 1 quality player: Orange 5511;
  • Ultra-fast delivery in 3 days;
  • Redundancy with two 100 Gbps accesses on 2 different PoPs
  • Can be completed by peering on the same port or on a dedicated one;
  • Metro or National access thanks to the redundant network
  • From 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps without “rate-limit”, flexible offers; 
  • SLA service quality commitment;
  • Optional anti-DDoS protection;
  • RPKI routing security;
  • 24x7 NOC with France-IX’s expertise and privileged access to Orange support.

Availability commitment

  • Report of SLAs in the Orange 5511 Transit contract;
  • 99.95% availability and up to 100% if the customer is dually attached to 2 PoPs on the France-IX infrastructure
  • GTR of 4h;
  • Packets losses < 0.1%.

Anti-DDoS Protection

  • Anti-DDoS filtering: filtering carried out and triggered by France-IX;
  • Orange can absorb a large load and mitigate at several locations around the world;
  • Reactive support from France-IX during mitigation operations;
  • Mitigation service availability: 99.999%.


France-IX transit AS: AS39801


  • Dual attachment to Orange 5511 (OTI) on two different France-IX equipment at Telehouse 2 and Interxion PAR5;
  • Two 100G ports with OTI.

A transport service, Direct Path, enabling access to the Transit IP service from another Metro or National PoP.

Customer requirements

  • The customer must have resources allocated by a RIR (Regional Internet Registry):
    • ASN;
    • IP prefixes (IPv4 and IPv6).
  • The customer is present on one of the France-IX PoP or uses a France-IX reseller to reach a France-IX PoP;
  • The customer has a crossconnect to interconnect to the France-IX infrastructure with a 10G, 100G or 400G;
  • The customer has a router supporting a BGP full view;
  • The customer has BGP skills, he signs its RPKI/ROA and IRR prefixes;
  • Best practices: 
    • MANRS;
    • PeeringDB.

Technical description

  • Configuration of the customer port: (802.1Q);
  • A VLAN is configured, on a new port or on an existing one (like a PNI-VLAN/CUG, etc.);
  • BGP Interconnection, Max prefix:
    • IPv4: /31;
    • IPv6: /127;
  • IRR/ROA filtering;
  • BPG communities made available to the customer;
  • Looking glass made available to provide information.

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Peering pricing

Peering pricing structure:

  • Port subscription monthly recurring cost + port setup one-off fee;
  • Circuit bandwidth monthly recurring cost + circuit one-off setup fee.

Pricing are applicable from 1st of January 2022 and from now on for any upgrade or new order from existing customer.


Port size Setup MRC
10G 500 € 50 €
100G 1 500 € 200 €
400G 3 000 € 500 €

Local Peering Service package

Tarif Circuit
Port size Subscribed capacity Setup MRC
10G* 200M* 500 € 0 €
10G 1G 500 € 200 €
10G 2G 500 € 400 €
10G 10G 500 € 800 €
2x10G 20G 500 € 1 500 €
3x10G 30G 500 € 2 100 €
4x10G 40G 500 € 2 600 €
100G 10G 500 € 650 €
100G  20G 500 € 1 400 € 
 100G  40G  500 € 2 600 €
 100G  100G 500 € 3 700 €
2x100G 200G 500 € 7 400 € 
3x100G 300G  500 € 11 100€ 
4x100G 400G  500 €  14 800€
400G** This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*10G@200M ports are limited to one per customer and per city.

**Only available in Telehouse 2 - Léon Frot et Telehouse 2 - Voltaire.

Should you have any specific requirement:

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Microsoft Azure Peering Service

Optimise your access performance to Microsoft services

The Azure peering service improves connectivity to Microsoft Cloud services such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure and all Microsoft services accessible from the public Internet.

To use this peering service, it is not necessary to sign up with Microsoft; France-IX delivers it directly to you. Take advantage of our partnership with Microsoft to benefit from a reliable, high-performance, low-latency connection.

Optimise, analyse, excel: master the network with Microsoft & France-IX

Microsoft & France-IX have joined forces to provide the best connectivity: optimal routing over the Internet to Microsoft Azure Cloud services offering performance and reliability. With MAPS, you have access to:

  • A service to businesses,
  • Integrated anti-DDoS protection by service design,
  • Traffic isolated from the public Internet,
  • Dedicated and redundant 100G connections with Microsoft,
  • Service availability guaranteed by SLA,
  • Short latencies,
  • Traffic analysis using Microsoft telemetry,
  • A minimum number of hops (AS hops) to the Microsoft Cloud,
  • Route analysis and statistics: BGP route anomalies (leakage or intrusion detection).

There is no additional cost for the incoming or outgoing traffic that you will make with your monthly subscription. Unlike the private Cloud, no additional costs will be charged by Microsoft.

Reliable and redundant peering

The connection to Microsoft services is established via multiple Microsoft “Edge” PoPs, and each interconnection is made with the help of two routers equipped with a redundancy mechanism.

The Microsoft MAPS ports are separated from the peering ports: France-IX has two 100G ports dedicated to MAPS on 2 different PoPs. All customers connected to one of these two PoPs, located in Paris, will have latencies of less than or equal to 2ms.

Want to find out more?

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Local Peering

Local peering service is the traditionnal peering service from France-IX. This service allows customers/members connected to one of our metropolitain platform to echange traffic between them.

En savoir plus

Connexion au CSPs, Peering pour entreprise

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