Get involved in France-IX non-profit association and become a member !

France-IX membership

Optional Membership

Membership to the France IX association is optional. It is thus possible to choose to be a customer of France IX Services without joining the Association.

What are the benefits ?

Membership provides the following benefits:

  • Members are entitled to vote about major technical and financial evolutions proposed during GMs of the France IX Association; 
  • Discounted price for trainings ;
  • Granted priority for all invitations to France-IX events.

Subscription fee

The contribution depends on the company turnover, divided into 3 levels.

For public entities, the annual budget will be taken into account instead of the turnover.

Annual fees *

Annual turnover

Fee (excl. taxes)

CA ≤ 1M€

300 € / year

1M€ < CA ≤ 10M€

600 € / year

CA > 10 M€

900 € / year

* Membership will be effective from January, 15th 2022

Subscription to the France-IX Association membership is very easy: you just need to send an email to the following address including your fee category, postal and email address in order to get the corresponding invoice: