L2 transport interconnection

L2 interconnection service

PNI VLAN (Private Network Interconnect Virtual Local Area Network) is a L2 transport interconnection service. It enables customer to interconnect its local networks (LAN), as point to point or point multipoints or to allow its customers ton interconnect together. It is available on metropolitains and national perimeters in Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse.


Cost saving

Traffic isolation

NOC 24h / 7d


  • This service is available by increments of 1G up to 10G then by increments of 10G up to 40G and more upon study, limited to 10G in Toulouse ;

  • This service is monitored 24h/7d by France-IX NOC

  • High availability : Infrastructure is redundand and secured ;

  • Restrictions on number of MAC addresses may apply ;

  • Restrisctions on multicats transport may apply ;

  • GRT : 4 hours


Pricing structure

  • Ports
  • Transport (VLAN)


  • Minimum commitment 12 months (initial period)
  • 12/36 months contrat duration
  • Automatic renwal
  • 3 months notice after initial period for cancelling.


Technical specifications

    • Nearly unlimitted number of VLANs per port
    • Upgrades are completed without service disruption


Technical prerequisites

    • Being connected to the GIX in one of PoPs
    • Being connected to the GIX remotely via a reseller VPoP