Cloud Access

France-IX connects you to your Cloud providers

Connect to all your Cloud providers via your France-IX port

In addition to the many public cloud providers present at the peering exchange point, France-IX Services strengthens its offer by adding access to private clouds via its network of partners.

France-IX simplifies the implementation of your multicloud or hybrid architectures by offering you a connectivity service to the entire ecosystem through partnerships with a small number of players.

Benefits of the France-IX solution

  • Connection secured on redundant ports implemented on several France-IX PoPs (Paris and Marseille)

  • Quick delivery by configuring an additional VLAN on existing ports

  • Technical support provided by France-IX to establish the optimal connection to your cloud providers

  • Can be combined on the same port with public peering and dedicated peering to Microsoft Azure “MAPS”

  • Also available in remote regions (Lille, Lyon, Toulouse) by using the redundant MPLS France-IX backbone
  • One stop shop

  • Cost effective solution

What does the Cloud Access France-IX service consist of?

Cloud Access is a connectivity service to leading private cloud providers.

Which Clouds are accessible?

France-IX optimally connects you to the Clouds of your choice on the same port such as Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Salesforce Express Connect, and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud... and hundreds of others.

Who is Cloud Access intended to?

  • Companies using private cloud services already connected or wishing to connect to the exchange point, locally or remotely.
  • It is not necessary to have a public ASN to subscribe to the service.

Why use Cloud Access

  • Optimised routing
  • One single port allows multiple cloud connections, as well as peering with our 500+ IXP members.
  • High availability is possible with multiple redundant links implemented in Paris and Marseille
  • Simplifies access to multicloud environments
  • Quick deployment
  • Remote access from any France-IX region (Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Lille Toulouse)