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Weathermap, traffic, BGP summary, looking-glass, QoS... are available in real time on our France-IX portal "Tools".

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  • What is peering? What advantages compared to IP transit?

    Peering consists in the exchange of Internet data (traffic) between 2 networks.

    Public peering is achieved through an exchange point, which gathers a wide range of connected networks willing to exchange traffic among themselves. Its audience consists of Internet network professionals who manage their own AS (Autonomous System).

    Peering and exchange points thus bring a number of advantages:

    • Economic benefits: reducing IP transit expenses and optimising infrastructure costs (traffic exchange on the exchange point is free of charge, only the connection is charged);
    • Technical benefits: reduced latency, better routing control and connectivity resilience, especially for critical applications.

    Peering thus meets perfectly the growing needs of network infrastructures technical and financial optimization from any organization managing its own IP network.

  • How to submit a connection request?

    Please use the commercial form here: 

    Please note that sending this form is not binding in any way.


  • How to peer with other members?

    BGP protocol is used to set bilateral sessions between two members that will exchange traffic.

    Interconnexion using Route Servers is also BGP based.

  • I am not present in any France-IX PoP but would like to connect, what can I do?

    • The first solution is remote peering through one of France-IX partners, expanding fast in France and internationally. We have developed the PoP Finder tool, which displays on a map all our points of presence and those of our reseller partners and allows you to ask them quotes directly.
    • The second solution is to use the infrastructure of carriers. To save you some time, we have listed - for your information only - the dark fibers sellers available in the Paris metro area.
  • Where are located France-IX PoPs ?

    Thanks to France-IX wide geographique presence in France, you mays choose from various locations:

    10 PoPs in Paris, 3 in Marseille, 8 in Lyon, 2 in Grenoble, 1 in Annecy eand 1 in Aix-en-Provence, and over 300 VPoPs via 25 trustworthy resellers worldwide.

    For more details please check :


  • I need to be trained to peering

    France-IX offers training sessions as well as extensive support options to help your enterprise take the most out of its connection port.

  • May I purchase additionnal services ?

    In addition to France-IX services, a marketplace with over 40 suppliers to choose from is available to provide various services from your single connection port