Our values

Let's grow together!

The evolution of France-IX is in line with our desire to help our members pursue their growth in total neutrality via sustainable and reliable services that adapt to the current challenges of digital transformation.

France-IX federates a group of very different players in the Internet ecosystem, united in order to create a community of interest that benefits everyone.

As a partner of several data centers and operators, France-IX offers peering services for the common good and on a long-term basis, excluding any form of competition.

Constant improvement is part of France-IX's DNA. It is a guarantee of the reputation and trust of its customers.

Transparency is also an essential aspect of the group's activity.

Our committed teams at your service

The community spirit and the commitment of our teams constitute a real foundation on which to build the future of France-IX. The strong adherence to our values favors professionalism in a friendly and caring atmosphere.


All our clients, large and small, are treated the same way and receive the same quality of service and support.


A human-sized team capable of responding personally to all your requests and deliver services in an average of 48 hours.


The very essence of France-IX is about sharing: sharing data, as well as information and best practices to continue to animate and grow the community.


The involvement of our teams and their unfailing professionalism have been praised by our clients.


France-IX exists for and thanks to its community and the will of its members to adhere to a common project.