PNI Wave

L1 optical point to point interconnection

Metropolitan optical interconnection

PNI WAVE (Private Network Interconnect Wave) is a L1 transport interconnection service. It allows to connect two sites of the same customer located on the same metropolitan area by the mean of a wavelenght. This service is only available within Paris area and standard between Core backbone datacenters or between a Core backbone and an Edge datacenter.

PNI Wave for carriers

PNI Wave 100G is mainly intended to carriers.

PNI Wave for enterprises

PNI Wave 10G allows enterprises to access content and services providers from a single physical link

Architecture Paris


  • This service is available by increments of 10G up to 100G and nx100G ;

  • This service is monitored 24h /7d by France-IX NOC

  • This service infrastructure is not redundant or protected ;

  • Intallations timeframe : 1 week once order placed ;

  • GRT : 12 hours


Easy subscription and fast delivery

Subscription to several wavelenghts possible

Monitored by France-IX NOC 24h /7d


  • Local delivery 10G-BaseLR or 100G-BaseLR4 ;

  • MTU : 9200, 9212, 9800 ;

  • Service is available to all members connected to France-IX PoPs France-IX in  Île-de-France ;

  • This Service is based on DWDM wave multiplexing technology on the same pair of fibres ;

  • The available speeds are 10Gbps or 100Gbps on dedicated interfaces ;

  • This capacity is provided on an unprotected path ;

  • This transport service is completely transparent to the Customer. In particular, the delay is constant, jitter-free and the LOS (Loss of Signal) is propagated by the optical transmission equipment ;

  • Customer termination interfaces can be 10G Ethernet LR or 100G Ethernet LR4 ;

  • Local delivery 10G-BaseLR or 100G-BaseLR4.


Pricing structure

  • Transport (Wave)


  • Minimum commitment 12 months (initial period)
  • 12/36 months contract duration
  • Automatic renwal
  • 3 months notice after initial period for cancelling.

Service availability

Service is available right away from PAR5 and TH2 towards PAR1/2, PA6/7, DC2/3, TH3 , and Data4. Upon study to enable inter Edge PoPs links.

  Localisation 10G - LR 100G - LR4
Equinix-Telecity PA6 Condorcet Aubervilliers x x
Equinix-Telecity PA7 Courbevoie Courbevoie x x
Scaleway Datacenter DC2 Vitry-Sur-Seine x x
Scaleway Datacenter DC3 Vitry sur Seine x x
Interxion PAR1 Aubervilliers x x
Interxion PAR2 Aubervilliers x x
Interxion PAR5 Saint Denis x x
Telehouse 2 Paris 11 x x
Telehouse 3 Magny-les-Hameaux x x
Data4 Nozay x x