France-IX launches its new multiservice marketplace

June 2023

Aimed at France-IX customers as well as all businesses, the new marketplace brings Internet service providers together with businesses to enable them to optimise their connectivity and accelerate their digital transformation.

Trois opérateurs d’infrastructures numériques de confiance créent le Think & Do Tank Infralliance

June 2023

Via le lancement d’Infralliance, France-IX, Telehouse et Terralpha contribuent à l’émergence de nouvelles collaborations et de solutions concrètes pour faire face aux enjeux de la souveraineté numérique européenne. Infralliance collabore avec les autres groupes de travail de la sphère numérique et adresse l’Etat, les donneurs d’ordre publics et privés : réflexions, publications, expérimentations et événements. L’événement de lancement de cette initiative a été placé sous le haut patronage de Monsieur le Ministre délégué auprès du ministre de l’Économie, des Finances et de la Souveraineté industrielle et numérique, chargé de la Transition numérique et des télécommunications, Jean-Noël Barrot.

France-IX unveils the growth indicators for corporate internet traffic in 2022

January 2023

France-IX, one of Europe's leading Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), has revealed
the evolution of Internet traffic in companies in 2022. Unsurprisingly, while French employees took
advantage of holiday periods to disconnect, they did not hesitate to watch the World Cup football
matches in the office. As for companies, the digital transformation is underway and is reflected in an
increase in their traffic capacity.

84% of CIOs believe that peering can solve enterprise Cloud access issues

October 2022

Cloud adoption continues to rise. While the pandemic has greatly accelerated this trend, organisations are turning to Cloud connectivity solutions for organisational and resilience purposes. In this context, France-IX unveils the results of a study on peering, a solution that facilitates access to the Cloud but is still under-exploited by companies.

Hub One optimises access to the Cloud thanks to France-IX

July 2022

Discover how Hub One, a digital technology operator for businesses, has integrated peering as a lever for optimising its access to the Cloud thanks to France-IX.

France-IX, partner of EDF for its digital transformation

September 2021

By joining France-IX, EDF is following in the footsteps of many French and international companies, demonstrating once again that the benefits of peering are not limited only to the telecom ecosystem and can meet specific business issues and challenges. 

France-IX among the first European IXPs to lauch a 400G ethernet access offer

May 2021

France-IX, one of Europe's leading Internet Exchanges (IXP), unveiled a new 400G Ethernet access offer aiming to address growing Internet access needs from customers. 

France-IX opens a new point of presence within Data4's campus of data centers in Marcoussis MARCOUSSIS

May 2021

Paris, 10 May 2021 - France-IX, one of Europe's leading Internet Exchanges (IXP), expands into the Marcoussis (91) campus of DATA4, a major French and European operator and investor in the data center market, with the aim to optimise enterprises’ Internet connectivity. This new point of presence will allow DATA4’s customers to directly interconnect with France-IX’s exchange node while France-IX will be able to develop further its peering ecosystem.

France-IX relies on IELO

February 2021

France-IX relies on IELO for the partial renewal of its fibre optic network for its exchange platform (IXP)

France-IX merges with Rezopole

January 2021

France-IX merges with Rezopole and reafirms its position of leading multi-service interconnection platform in France

Workonline communications partners with France-IX

May 2020

Workonline communications partners with France-IX to provide quality french content on the african continent

France-IX hits milestone of 25 Reseller Partners

January 2020

Growing network enables remote peering access to IXP benefits via several hundred virtual PoPs in Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.