Microsoft Azure Peering Service

Optimise your access performance to Microsoft services

The Azure peering service improves connectivity to Microsoft Cloud services such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure and all Microsoft services accessible from the public Internet.

To use this peering service, it is not necessary to sign up with Microsoft; France-IX delivers it directly to you. Take advantage of our partnership with Microsoft to benefit from a reliable, high-performance, low-latency connection.

Optimise, analyse, excel: master the network with Microsoft & France-IX

Microsoft & France-IX have joined forces to provide the best connectivity: optimal routing over the Internet to Microsoft Azure Cloud services offering performance and reliability. With MAPS, you have access to:

  • A service to businesses,
  • Integrated anti-DDoS protection by service design,
  • Traffic isolated from the public Internet,
  • Dedicated and redundant 100G connections with Microsoft,
  • Service availability guaranteed by SLA,
  • Short latencies,
  • Traffic analysis using Microsoft telemetry,
  • A minimum number of hops (AS hops) to the Microsoft Cloud,
  • Route analysis and statistics: BGP route anomalies (leakage or intrusion detection).

There is no additional cost for the incoming or outgoing traffic that you will make with your monthly subscription. Unlike the private Cloud, no additional costs will be charged by Microsoft.

Reliable and redundant peering

The connection to Microsoft services is established via multiple Microsoft “Edge” PoPs, and each interconnection is made with the help of two routers equipped with a redundancy mechanism.

The Microsoft MAPS ports are separated from the peering ports: France-IX has two 100G ports dedicated to MAPS on 2 different PoPs. All customers connected to one of these two PoPs, located in Paris, will have latencies of less than or equal to 2ms.

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Local Peering

Local peering service is the traditionnal peering service from France-IX. This service allows customers/members connected to one of our metropolitain platform to echange traffic between them.