Local Peering

Peer directly with members of your chosing

Local peering between members

Local peering service is the traditionnal peering service from France-IX. This service allows customers/members connected to one of our metropolitain platform to echange traffic between them.

Redundant Route servers (RS) are available to facilitate these traffic exchanges. On these route servers, only local customers/members routes are available.



  • Service available in Paris, Marseille, Lille, Lyon and Toulouse ;

  • Port size in Paris, Marseille and Lyon* : 10Gbps and 100Gbps ;

  • Ports size in Toulouse : 10Gbps ;

  • Paris 400G TH2 (L. Frot) ;

  • Available bandwidth capacities in Marseille and Lyon : from 200Mbps to 100Gbps*

  • Available bandwidth capacities in Paris : from 200Mbps to 400Gbps ;

  • Available bandwidth capacities in  Toulouse : from 200Mbps to 10Gbps ;

  • This service is monitored 24h/7d by France-IX NOC ;

  • Redondundancy : Service infrastructure is redundant and secured.

* 100Gbps ports in Lyon are subject to prior study.


Price structure

  • Port
  • Subscription to local peering service

Commitment with indeterminate duration. 3 months notice prior to cancelling.

Route servers

Route servers are available in order to facilitate the exchange of routes between members.

Different functionalities as well as BGP communities have been set up to help you easily tune and secure your routing policy. For more information, please consult the Route-Servers page 

Public Peering

IPv4 / IPv6 unicast dans le même VLAN. La fourniture de transit IP n'est pas autorisée pour ce VLAN.

Private peering

Configuration of one or several ports for traffic exchanged between at least two members.

EDF case study

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