Hosting your router in a Datacenter

We host your equipment to connect to our platform

France-IX hosting service is intended to facilitate access to France-IX  services for customers who don't have rack space available in a datacenterter where France-IX is present.

We host your equipments in one of our datacenter and we add a cross-connect to your peering port.


  • Facilitates connection to France-IX ;
  • No minimum space required ;
  • Simple all-in-one contract with France-IX for hosting and peering. 


Architecture example


  • Minimum space : 1U with 100W (100VA) ;

  • Passive racks avilable on request ;

  • DC approval by France-IX technical team is required ;

  • This is not a standalone service, it is only available for peering or transport service subscribers ;

  • Use of Hands & Eyes service required ;

  • Staging / onsite test option is available ;

  • Customer cannot access France-IX mutualized hosting space on his own. France-IX staff presence is required ;

  • By default, a redundant power feed is provided ;

  • A management port and a console port  can be provided for remote control ;

  • in near future, an interface allowing remote PDU management will be made available :

Hands & Eyes service

Qualified and experienced staff available when you need them, 24x7 ! France-IX intervenes at your request, in programmed mode or in emergency, in your bay and carries out technical gestures.


  • Status check and reports ;
  • Handling of wiring and data / power connections ;
  • Installation or replacement of equipment (out of configuration) ;
  • On-site / off-site technical assistance and troubleshooting ;
  • Installation and configuration of equipment ;
  • Removal, installation and configuration of network interface cards ;
  • Tests for continuity and proper signalling of media ;
  • Visual controls for easy remote troubleshooting ;
  • Equipment inventory / labeling ;
  • Turning routers, servers or switches off and on, and hot restarting servers ;
  • Adding, removing and verifying demarcations ;
  • Reorganization of equipment in your space and cabinets ;
  • Reorganization and securing of cables.

Teams involved

  • Engineering / infrastructures operations teams
  • NOC (Network Operating Center)


  • Access authorization granted to all France-IX technicians

  • Be insured for operational liability (mandatory)


Pricing structure

  • Monthly fee for 1U + setup NRC (modular according to subscribed power and datacenter location)
  • Subscription to required option Hands&Etes ;
  • Hourly fee (staging, test, escort to mutualized hosting area, cabling, engineering) + parts ;
  • 12 months contract with 3 months notice after initial period for termination.