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You're only a few clicks away, let's first understand your needs.

Your requirements

Type of port(s) ?

10Gbit/s (LR) or 100Gbit/s (LR4r)


Traffic on port or ports ?

10Gbit/s (1Gbit/s, 2Gbit/s or full capacity) or more (specify) ?

How many ports ?

On which datacenter ?

Check our PoPs locations

The number of ports is not limited per member and any additional port can be requested at a later date.

Available Ports


Please fill in the form, by clicking on the button [Quote request]. 


France-IX's team will send you the connection agreement to be signed and sent to us before moving on to the connection.  

France-IX's team provides you with the MMR/patching room positions so you can order the cabling from your equipment to these positions.


Activation of the connection

We provide you with the useful information for your connection (IPv4, IPv6, route servers...).
Once the cross-connect is done on MMR, we test your port on a quarantine VLAN.
After validation, we move your port on the France-IX LAN, you can start peering on France-IX.ance-IX et vous pouvez alors commencer à peerer sur France-IX.

No equipment in these PoPs ?

If you currently do not have any physical presence in one of the above PoPs and you do not plan any deployment in the near time, you can still connect to France-X remotely through different solutions.