Network technical specifications

About France-IX network

Cutting edge infrastructure upgraded

With our core backbone just upgraded, benefit from our cutting edge infrastructure.

  • Ports up to 400 G
  • 99.99% availability

Authorized traffic on the platform

  • Only one MAC address per member is allowed. This limits the risk of loop on the network.
  • Only 3 Ethertypes are allowed:
    • 0x0800 - IPv4
    • 0x0806 - ARP
    • 0x86dd - IPv6

ICMPv6 and ARP traffic are "rate-limited". "unknown-unicast" traffic, which is broadcasted by the platform, is also "rate-limited".
A global filter is denying STP and bridging protocols. Link layer protocols and IPv6 Router Advertisement/Router Solicitation (RA/RS) are also filtered by the platform.


Technical specifications

In order to guarantee the security of the exchange point, a set of rules has been defined. France-IX reserves the right to shutdown ports that violate these specifications :

  • The MTU size should be 1500 bytes
  • Non-unicast packets are not allowed except:
    • ICMPv6 Neighbor Advertisement/Solicitation
    • ARP
    • IPv4 multicast is not allowed

To ensure that these rules are observed:

  • A quarantine VLAN is used before moving a port into production to check that these specifications are followed
  • A monitoring tool alerts the technical team if a new ARP entry is detected. Proxy ARP configured on the member port is not allowed.
  • Sniffer servers are installed in the core network to analyse broadcast traffic, and check that only legitimate traffic is forwarded on the platform

Routes servers

  • Routes servers have been installed to facilitate the exchange of routes between members
  • BGP communities are also available to allow routing filtering
  • For more details please check our route servers page

Paris and Marseille network topology

  • 2 cores located in Paris, TH2 and PAR5

  • Edge PoPs have doubled connections to cores (FONs)

  • Doubled interconnection between Paris and Marseille (2 Waves 100G)

  • FONs : Several FONs suppliers

  • Waves 100G to interconnect cities

  • DWDM equipments to manage inter-PoP capacity

  • « IP » equipments to connect customers