France-IX hosts a RIS collector from RIPE NCC

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  • France-IX hosts a RIS collector from RIPE NCC
  • 27/07/2015

    RIPE NCC has an ongoing project for replacing its Routing Information service (RIS) collectors with a new version of hardware and software. We have participated in an early phase of this project and now have a RIS collector connected to our exchange.

    While the project is still in a beta phase, the RIPE NCC would like to add additional peering sessions, so that more test data becomes
    available to the project.

    If you are interested to participate in the project you can add your details to the RIS peering request form here on RIS Peering Request Form.

    If you first would like to learn more about the RIS project, there is more information here on Routing Information Service (RIS).

    RIPE NCC collector