Candidates to the board - GM 2015

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  • Board candidate 2015Candidates to the board - GM 2015
  • Missions for board members


    • Participate to monthly meetings (conference-calls): 1 hour.
    • Attend face-to-face meetings, at least 2 meetings/year: full day.
    • Board members are France-IX representatives (they get France-IX business cards).
    • Board members will have to sign a code of conduct (board members do have access to confidential information, they must remain neutral and impartial when asked to take decisions, avoid any conflict of interest…).
    • Board members do not receive any money for their participation/contribution; only travels expenses can be considered for face-to-face meetings upon justifications.
    • Board members are not here to run day-to-day operations: they must help to define the overall strategy of France-IX, contribute to define new services, and bring high-level advices.
    • Board members must be professionals well known and respected by the community; they are also in charge of collecting requests and expectations from the community.
    • Reminder: board members are elected for 3 years.


    Corporate candidates

    This year 3 corporate seats are up for election. BOUYGUES TELECOM and GOOGLE mandates expired and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC stepped down.