Peering at France-IX in Marseille

All ASN connected to Paris

Connected AS

Number of Marketplace Providers

Markeplace Providers

Number of ports in Paris

Connected ports

Number of Route Servers

RS users

picto engrenage Services

Public peering

IPv4/IPv6 unicast in the same VLAN. The IP transit is not allowed for public peering.

Private peering ("Closed user group")

configuration of one or several ports for traffic exchanged between at least two members.

Routes servers have been installed to facilitate the exchange of routes between members. BGP communities are also available to allow routing filtering (for more details, please visit the RIPE website).

Private statistics webportal

Private portal with member statistics (port and flows):>

Public statistics website

Global traffic statistics and looking glass

Our NOC is reachable through a dedicated interface You have 2 ways to join our NOC:

  • log into the dedicated portal and create a ticket
  • Send an email directly to the address

picto money Pricing

Optical cable LX
Optical cable LR France-IX Optical cable LR
Optical cable LR4 France-IX Optical cable LR4
Picto Port France-IX Port
Optical cable LR4 France-IX Paris
Optical cable LR4 France-IX Marseille
Picto traffic France-IX Traffic
Picto traffic France-IX Non recurring fees

picto statistiques Statistiques de trafic

Only traffic from customers/members ports is considered (incoming and outgoing trafic).

Neither traffic from backbone links nor from switches/routers is included into the overall traffic.

For daily graphs, data are collected via SNMP on our switches/routers with a 5min polling.


Daily statistics

Daily statistics peering Marseille

Weekly statistics

Weekly statistics peering Marseille

Monthly statistics

Monthly statistics peering Marseille

Yearly statistics

Yearly statistics peering Marseille

picto infrastructure Infrastructure

2 POPs Marseille Position
Interxion MRS1 3e Arrondissement
Jaguar Network MRS01 16e Arrondissement

picto datacenter PoPs in Marseille

Layout of France-IX point of presences in Marseille (Interxion MRS1 (MIT) and Jaguar Network MRS01 (MJN))

picto localisation Infrastructure in Marseille

Schema technique POPs Infrastructure  France-IX  in  Marseille (Juniper EX9214)

picto marker PoPs Positions


France-IX PoPs locations in marseille

Download France-IX PoPs' addresses and contacts

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picto hand shake How to connect to Marseilles?

1 Definition of your needs

What type of port do you want?
How many ports?
Which POPs?

2 Request for connection

Please download then complete the form and click on the button

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3 Activation of the connection

once the cross-connect is done, France-IX test and activate your port.

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