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  • picto #2  Definition of your needs


    What type of port do you want?

    1Gbps (LX) or 10Gbps (LR)


    What traffic do you need?

    the 1Gbps (100Mbps, 200Mbps or 1Gbps) and 10Gbps (1Gbps, 2Gbps or 10Gbps)


    How many ports?


    Which POPs?

    See all France-IX's PoPs

    The number of ports is not limited per member (excepted for the 100Mbps port) and any additional port can beer & peering contact e-mail address.


    Illustration Port LX France-IX
    Illustration Port LR France-IX
    Illustration Port LR4 100G France-IX


    picto #2 Request for connection

    picto Formuliare

    Please download then complete the form and click on the button [Send the information sheet] to send it by email.

    Download the form


    picto contrat signé France-IX's team will send you the connection agreement to be signed and sent to us before moving on to the connection.  
    picto tirage de cable

    France-IX's team provides you with the MMR/patching room positions so you can order the cabling from your equipment to these positions.

    France-IX PoPs' addresses and contact

    picto #2  Activation of the connection

    We provide you with the useful information for your connection (IPv4, IPv6, route servers, ...).
    Once the cross-connect is done on MMR, we test your port on a quarantine VLAN.
    After validation, we move your port on the France-IX LAN, you can start peering on France-IX.

    Layout France-IX's activation of the connection