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The hurricane effect

Hurricane Electric
Acting as an invested member of France-IX since 2011, Hurricane Electric internet services has decided to progressively increase its IPv4 and IPv6 routes number exchanged on our international exchange point.

To avoid taking the other France-IX peers in a connectivity whirlwind, HE will gradually come to announce 100 times more IPv4 routes (around 15,000 routes) to France-IX routes servers. HE also intents on boosting the figures in IPv6: currently announcing 7,600 routes to one routes server, HE will send the same number of routes to the other route servers. These two actions will happen before mid-September.

The benefits will be real to the members connected to the routes server. These members will be able to collect these routes and thus enhance the connectivity of their networks.

IP renumbering still in progress

IP renumbering still in progress
Beginning of July 2013 France-IX launched a renumbering campaign which should have ended at the end of the same month. For now, only 75% of the concerned members have proceeded with the change of IPs.

We thank you in advance to go on and renumber your network asap if you haven't done it.
Renumber now

General meeting 2013

General meeting 2013
Register now
Join the 100 people already registered to the general assembly which will be held in Paris on the 26th of September. Whether you are a voting member, a non-voting member (a.k.a members from other IXPs using the interconnection gateways with France-IX) or a partner of France-IX, you are invited to attend the event.

Address: Google offices, auditorium, 8 rue de Londres, 75009 Paris (from 10 a.m till 6 p.m).

Agenda and registration list available

Be careful! Registrations will be closed on the 13rd of September, 2013!

Become a member of France-IX's board

Become a member of France-IX's board
The association relies on a board composed of the founding members: Akamai, Bouygues Telecom, Google, Interxion, Jaguar Network and Neo Telecoms.

Two seats - Jaguar Network and Neo Telecoms - have been selected randomly. The two exiting companies can of course reapply to remain part of the board, but any other company is welcome to apply! Candidates just have to submit the following documents to before the 15th of September:
* Curriculum Vitae
* Cover letter stating the skills the applicant will bring to the committee through his/her company
* Photo (optional)

Each and every application will be reviewed by the existing board. The applications will then be presented to the members during the general meeting on the 26th of September 2013 and be voted.
Upcoming peering events

3-5 September in Casablanca, Morocco.
France IX is a sponsor of this event
Learn more --->


European Peering Forum 2013
9-11 September in the city of Reyjkavik in Iceland.
Learn more --->


France-IX's General Meeting 2013
26 September in Google France offices, 8 Rue de Londres, 75009 Paris
Learn more --->

France-IX's General Meeting

Latest connections

Organisation (ASN) POP Traffic
Cloudwatt (60940) Telecitygroup 3 10 Gbps
E-Tera (57633) Telehouse 2 1 Gbps
Flex network (198545) Telecitygroup 1 100 Mbps
Gandi (29169) Telehouse 2 1 Gbps
IP Telecom (39931) Telehouse 2 200 Mbps
LuxNetworks (29467) Telehouse 2 Via Luc-IX
Netplus (15547) Telehouse 2 100 Mbps
SG.CH (24482) Telehouse 2 100 Mbps


Organisation (ASN) POP Traffic
Skylogic (29286) Telehouse 2 2x1Gbps >10 Gbps
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