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  • It is quite simple. Go to page Become a member, download the information sheet and send it to info_at_franceix.net.


    Upon the receipt of this document, we will send you the paperwork to be signed and then we will work together on the cabling to ensure you're getting connected in the shortest leadtimes.


    If you're a member of France-IX and want to peer with a member of the partner IXPs, please request this per e-mail at l2-support_at_franceix.net.
    If you're a member of the partner IXPs, please get in touch with the team of your IXP that will get back to us.


    No, there is no extra cost for this service.


    In this specific case we advise you to contact our official resellers list, which could connect you, depending on where you're located.

    More details on the reseller program page.


    France-IX does not offer housing among its services. You can contact the datacenters Iliad, Interxion, Jaguar Network, Equinix-Telecity or Telehouse directly for more details.

    However, your connection to France-IX grants you special offers on housing and cabling. More details on the page Pricing .