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  • It is very simple: click on “Get started now” on top of this page to fill out a connection request.

    Once we receive your request, we will send you the connection contract to get signed. Once signed, we start working on the provisioning of your service together with your technical contact.


    If you're a member of France-IX and want to peer with a member of the partner IXPs, please request this per e-mail at l2-support_at_franceix.net.
    If you're a member of the partner IXPs, please get in touch with the team of your IXP that will get back to us.


    No, there is no extra cost for this service.


    • The first solution is remote peering through one of France-IX partners, expanding fast in France and internationally.
    • The second solution is to use the infrastructure of carriers. To save you some time, we have listed for your information only the dark fibers sellers available in the Paris metro area.
    • The third alternative if you traffic is below 100Mbps is to take advantage of the gateway service if you are a SFINX member in Paris, a LYONIX member in Lyon, a LU-CIX member in Luxembourg, a Top-IX member in Turin or a TouIX member in Toulouse.

      • All these remote connection solutions are described here.

    France-IX does not offer housing among its services. You can contact the datacenters Iliad, Interxion, Jaguar Network, Equinix-Telecity or Telehouse directly for more details.

    However, your connection to France-IX grants you special offers on housing and cabling. More details on the page Pricing .