Q1-2015 technical update

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  • 23/03/2015

    Main actions undertaken during last months:

    • November 2014: In order to fix JunOS instabilities in the VPLS implementation on EX9200 platform, we upgraded to JunOS 13.2R5-S2.1
    • End of 2014: In order to clean unwanted traffic, we launched a campaign contacting members sending this kind of traffic. Some tools have been deployed to monitor flooded traffic (broadcast, unknown unicast, etc).
      More details visit Network technical specifications
    • Route servers have been directly connected to the VPLS core backbone and have been upgraded. New features are now available (BGP Add-path, extended BGP communities, AS-SET).
      More information on our RIPE ASN object is available: RIPE NCC
    • Edge PoPs have been upgraded with Brocade MLX-8 platform and VPLS has been configured. Iliad DC PoPs will be upgraded to support VPLS in the forthcoming weeks.

      These actions contributed to stabilise the core infrastructure. We keep working on the deployment of new features and enhancements.

    Next actions:

      • A new version of JunOS (13.3 release) will be deployed, mainly to add some IPFIX features that were missing. IPFIX will only be activated after a two weeks observation time window. 13.3 release is currently tested and a proactive case has been opened, Juniper is following closely this operation. An email will be sent with detailed information soon.


      • Iliad DC3 deployment and Iliad DC2 upgrade (VPLS)


    • Out of Band network: In order to increase resiliency, new equipment will be deployed on each PoP.
    Juniper France-IX Stabilisation of the network