Outage 16/07/2013

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  • Outage 16/07/2013
  • 16/07/2013


    France-IX had scheduled a maintenance this morning from 9 to noon UTC+2 on its equipment in Telehouse-2. The maintenance was meant to upgrade a core equipment, insert an additional 4*10G linecard and connect a 30G uplink from Interxion 2. No incidence was expected from this maintenance.

    During this maintenance at 9.45 a.m, a linecard installed during a previous maintenance on another site, kept on rebooting constantly. This caused instability on other equipments and on the backbone links.

    Consequently, a wide majority of the members noticed a packet loss and decided to shut down their sessions on France-IX.
    Additionally the web server hosting France-IX's website and statistics portal was unreachable which explains the gap in the statistics around 10 a.m.

    Although this incident had an impact on the wide majority of our members, the traffic decreased but did not completely cease.

    The issue was resolved before 11 a.m. The members were then able to establish their sessions back and exchange traffic over France-IX normally.

    France-IX apologises for the inconvenience caused to its users and take the necessary steps to avoid such new incidents. Our point will investigate with the vendor to understand the problem and will upgrade each and every equipment.


    Incident technique du 16/07/2013