Q3-2015 Technical update

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  • 06/10/2015


    This is the technical update for Q3-2015, summarising past and current operations on FranceIX infrastructure.

    Main actions undertaken during the third quarter 2015 (July-September 2015):


    - 100G ports LR4 are now available on core PoPs. Pricing is available here


    - Capacity upgrade : We performed operations on DWDM infrastructure to increase the backbone capacity. Core links doubled capacity to reach 200 Gbps. The capacity has been also increased between the core and the edge to reach 50 to 70 Gbps depending on the PoP.


    - New Looking glass available on Portail France-IX - "Adv LG". This LG connected to the route servers is giving useful information per prefix like BGP communities or AS paths. A add-on also draws the route reachability.


    - A RIPE Routing Information Service (RIS) has been installed. If you are interested to participate in the project, fulfil the RIS peering request form : RIS RIPE


    - A new PoP has been deployed in Telehouse 3 DC in order to expand our network in the Paris region and reach new member's profiles.


    - Marseille extension: a new PoP has been deployed in Jaguar Networks DC (Juniper EX9214) to offer more resiliency in Marseille. 100G ports are supported on this equipment.


    - Out of Band network: New equipment has been deployed on each PoP to have homogeneous material. We have now a simple, resilient and standard process to reach Management and Console ports.

    Next actions:


    - Marseille upgrade: In October, to address the growing of Marseille, the chassis hosted in Interxion PoP, a Brocade MLX-8 will be replaced by a Juniper EX9214. This will significantly increase the number of 10G ports and introduce 100G port availability.


    - A new portal for statistics will be available soon. Flow statistics will be again available. Paris and Marseille statistics will be split also.


    Following our community and developing new markets:


    - Annual General meeting: More than 100 people attended this year our annual GM in September.- The technical team will be happy to meet you in the coming meetings: France-IX Events


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