Q2-2015 technical update

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  • 12/08/2015

    Main actions undertaken during the second quarter 2015:

    • JunOS upgrade: 13.3R6 release has been installed, end of June. Some IPFIX features that were missing have been added. Next step is to activate progressively IPFIX in the coming weeks. Flow statistics will be fully available again via a new statistics portal which is under development. We expect to have this portal available for September 1.
    • Iliad DC2 and DC3 upgrade: Brocade MLX-8 have been installed on these PoPs. This installation ends the removal of layer-2 equipment. FranceIX infrastructure is now fully VPLS compliant with Juniper EX9200 on the core and Brocade MLX-8 at the edge.
    • More visibility: A new weather map is now available, giving more transparency: https://tools.franceix.net/stats/aggregated/ . Additionally, a new looking glass will be available soon, giving useful information like "routes announced by a member" or "BGP communities applied on a prefix".
    • Routes servers upgrade: In order to fix a bug in the implementation of add-path in bird (the daemon used to run BGP on our Route-Servers), we deployed the latest version of bird (1.5.0). We also improved our configuration files to better manager extended communities.
    • End of Copper @FranceIX: Copper has been completely removed. More than 50 copper connections have been migrated to fiber. This facilitates the management of the IXP (one type of cabling) and also helps customers to migrate easily from 100M to 1G or 10G ports.

    Next actions:


    • 100G cards will be installed during the summer in order to launch 100G offer.
    • Marseille extension: a new PoP will be deployed in Jaguar Networks DC this summer (Juniper EX9214). Moreover, the chassis hosted in Interxion PoP, a Brocade MLX-8 will be replaced by a Juniper EX9214, increasing the 10G ports density and introducing 100G availability.
    • A new PoP will be deployed during the summer in Telehouse 3 DC in order to expand our network in the Paris region and reach new member's profiles.
    • Out of Band network: In order to increase resiliency, new equipment will be deployed on each PoP during the summer.
    France-Ix infrastructure France-ix network weather map