RIPE support

Benefit from our expertise


France-IX offers guidance to go through the process of RIPE ressource allocation requests like IP, ASN, and become a RIPE NCC Member.

As an IXP, our role is to encourage local independence and autonomy in terms of IP, for which having your organization become an NCC RIPE Member will be necessary.

Our service consists in several meetings with relevant teams that we'll guide you step by step.

Teams involved

  • Engineering / infrastructures operations teams
  • CEO / CIO


2 independent half-days:

  • 1st half-day:
    • Explanation and list of the administrative documents required to become an LIR
    • List of the details of the application procedure which includes the administrative documents necessary to put together the file as well as a current inventory of the need
  • 2nd half-day:
    • Explanations on RIPE DB, presentation of the different objects and their nesting
    • First application for an allowance


KBis or equivalent document, as well as knowledge of the organization with which your structure is registered. Contact email address, list of countries, valid postal address, accounting information (intra-community VAT).


Become independent to easily choose and potentially change your transit providers (especially if you are connected to an IXP).

Optional services

BGP training to learn how to announce new resources acquired from RIPE on the Internet.