Qualify your optical links


France-IX offers a reflectometry service to measure and qualify your optical links in case of installation or malfunction.

This service is provided by a technician using a reflectometer (OTDR) on standard wavelengths: 1,310, 1,550, 1,625 nanometers. We keep a history of measurements to facilitate disagnosis in the event of an incident.

Teams involved

  • Engineering and infrastructure management teams
  • Operational teams
  • NOC (Network Operating Center)


  • How to get in touch
  • Study of the need for and conditions of access to the site(s)
  • On-site reflectometry in both directions
  • Optical recipe
  • Emailing of measurement files and archiving in the customer portal


Loopback or access to the ends of the physical circuit

Provided tools and deliverables

  • Tools: equipment for analysis and optical time measurement (OTDR)
  • Deliverables: measurement and diagnostic file


  • Accurate qualification of your optical infrastructure
  • Provision of reference documents to manage networks
  • Efficient troubleshooting diagnosis tool