BGP & peering audit

Optimize your peering

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France-IX offers an audit and consulting service to help you assess your BGP configuration and make it evolve if necessary.

This service is carried out through interviews with the different teams and a study of the existing data on your peering / transit.

Teams involved

  • Engineering / infrastructures operations teams
  • CEO / CIO


5 half-days:

  • 1st & 2nd half-days:
    • Presentation and exchanges on your needs
    • Study of the infrastructure and definition of the specifications
    • Gathering information on network infrastructure and routing, defining work areas and estimating the time required to optimize BGP configuration and pricing
  • 3rd & 4th half-days:
    • Measurement of data to complete the optimization, study of schematics / diagrams and configurations
    • Listening to the traffic passing over the infrastructure and presentation of the tools used to collect the information useful for peering if necessary
    • Writing the deliverable
  • 5th half-days:
    • Recommendation of new BGP configuration and development proposals based on the results of the study
    • Evolution towards high availability
    • Redundancy and reliability
    • Traffic optimization
    • Optimized traffic distribution
    • Clarification of the BGP configuration
    • Rise in competence on the BGP protocol


Plan a presentation of your network topology to our experts and access to your configuration will be necessary.

Provided tools and deliverables

Tools to guide configuration, analyze the traffic and creation of configuration templates.


Network performance will be optimaly enhanced, and you'll have better control over transport and internet access security.

Optional services

The duration of the audit will be proportional to the infrastructure under consideration. The minimum duration is calibrated on the basis of 2 edge routers.