Private Peering

Dedicated peering between 2 or more members

Restrict you peering to one member for your technical or business needs

Private Peering

Private peering restricts the session between two France-IX members, a solution commonly enabled to exchange data with Business partners within the same activity.

Cost saving

Connect to several networks with a single physical port without the need of additional cross-connects.

Traffic isolation

Partitioning of traffic with separated broadcast domains.

Security and Performance

Allows privatizing data exchanges with partners networks. Native network resilience on the infrastructure and automated rerouting makes the solution extremely robust.


Technical specifications

  • Nearly unlimitted number of VLANs per port ;
  • Maximum bandwidth is the one of the port ;
  • Upgrades are completed without service disruption.

Technical prerequisites

  • Being connected to the GIX in one of PoPs ;
  • Being connected to the GIX remotely via a reseller VPoP.