Multipass Peering

L3 national peering service

Nationwide peering service, All France-IX communites reachable from one single location

Multipass-Available soon-

Multipass service allows one customer to peer through France-IX route servers from any city where France-IX has a point of presence to all other cities.

Thanks to t his service customer only manages one addressing plan and one peering LAN. France-IX collects routes from where he is located via direct sessions and route servers.

Customer must explicitally choose to advertise its routes nationwide, as by default, local routes are not pre-advertised nationally.

A looking glass is available to let customers see available prefixes by city.


  • Service availaible in Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse (and Grenoble, Annecy via Lyon) ;

  • Service provided as an overlay of local peering. Subscribed bandwidth is added to local bandwidth ;

  • Avaliable bandwidth for Paris, Marseille and Lyon ( Grenoble and Annecy upon study) : from 200Mbps up to 40Gps ;

  • Avaliable bandwidth for Toulouse : from 200Mbps up to 5Gbps (and more upon study) ;

  • Customer decides to peer with BGP community of its choosing ;

  • France-IX may decide to filter some advertised routes ;

  •  Are reachable all customers present on the route servers who tag their routes so that they can be visible nationwide; also direct sessions can be enabled ;

  • Searched paths are not optimized ;

  • This service is monitored 24h / 7d by France-IX NOC ;

  • Service infrastructure is fully redundant and secured ;

  • Like othe peering services it does not come with a GRT.


Pricing structure

  • Port ;
  • Local peering subscription ;
  • Multipass peering subscription.

Undetermined contract duration. 3 months notice prior to cancelling.

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